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                                   Children's SandBox Digger-Mini Backhoe
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                      PLAYGROUND  DIGGER  EXCAVATOR   
By far the most popular piece of playground equipment. Kid's use two levers to move the bucket up and down -in and out. Ideal for arm strength and hand eye coordination. Helps kids work on their muscle coordination while building mechanical problem-solving skills on the playground.Higley welding has been building the digger since the early 1970's and the first welding shop to do so.
We ship our little sandbox digger world wide.

                      Our Playground Diggers Are Made From No Rust -Maintenance Free Stainless Steel


HORIZONTAL GRAB HANDLES                                                                                                                                                                     PULL HANDLES


                                                                               ADULT OR BIG KID DIGGERS.MADE TO AND WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME..


                                                                            We Ship To Canada - Call for Shipping Charge
Higley diggers are built foryears of  heavy duty play.Choose either a post mout that must be set into concrete or a steel base that when buried into the sand will not tip.Built from all steel tubing.Saftey grip non blunt handles.500 lb weight capacity. Turns 360 degrees.    

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